Wednesday, March 17, 2010


who the hell is melur samad? do u guys really have to know really that important? does she really exist in our world.. these are some of the questions that will wonder in your head..
let me tell you something..never ask who she is, never ask who create her and never
ever ask why did i pick melur samad.. im not an imposter..NOT! she exist in my world..she is apart of me..of who i am..she represents me im in my cyber guys out there will have no chance in actually knowing the inventor of melur samad (whom who knows, please shut your mouth)

my real name is private..never call me here using my real name ok?as simple as that..thanx for your cooperation..

2 orang picit:

akiso said...

haha.melah mansur xmaooo?????

Melur Samad said...

n tak mahu.

which one do you think is the best?

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